Additional payment obligation

 Information for the Manufacturers, for the Marketing Authorisation Holders and for the Wholesalers

- According to the Chapter V. of Act XCVIII of 2006. On the general rules of safe and economic medicine and medical device provision and the distribution of medicinal products (Furthermore: Act) there is a payment obligation. Article 40/A of the Act states that the responsible body for the Health Insurance Fund’s management (National Institute of Health Insurance Fund Management, furthermore NEAK) has to provide necessary information about the turnover and the reimbursement for the fulfilment of the self-assessment payment obligations. NEAK aims to determine transparent and unambiguous payment obligations, so It publishes extra information on its official homepage to help the involved companies. The published turnover and reimbursement data are coming from the NEAK’s informatics database, beyond that all provided data are derived from the database therefore informative. The different calculations are based on the NEAK’s law interpretation. During the control of the national tax authority (NAV) the stated data can differ from NEAK’s calculation. NEAK provides this information to help the stakeholders complying with the Act. 

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